From design to product

We have modern casting machines from 200 to 1000 tons of power, electric ovens with digital control constant temperature. We perform consistently degassing and control of gas in the aluminum melt.

We also machines for the leak test:

• machines tranciabava
• wheels for surface finishes
• center of sandblasting and tumbling

We can also provide surface treatments such as: heat treatment, machining, polishing, powder coating and liquid, electrodeposition. We also have machines for the leak test air/water.

We use different types of alloys: ENAB46100 / ENAB46000 / ENAB47100 / ENAB43400 / ENAB44300 / ENAB43500 We have a spectrometer for chemical analysis and composition of materials.

other services


Constant updating of technology and quality standards to make castings of quality and precision.
Continuous search for improvement plans.
Possibility of merging jets in vacuum.


In collaboration with outside companies can offer finished products machining, various surface treatments, at the discretion of the customer.



We have modern machines for three-dimensional control, control x-ray machines for leak test.
Continuing education and training of team.

Mould production

Co-design in close cooperation with the customer, use of the latest design systems and 3D simulation, the thorough preliminary study, the eventual realization of prototypes to achieve and maintain the standards of size and quality of the customer.

Using existing molds

Possibility of using molds owned by the customer carefully studied and adapted to our production facilities.