To complete its service to clients, FTA has machines for the finishing and the inspection of the products at its disposal.
The principle processes of finishing, that is, the barrel-polishing, deburring and trimming, deflashing, take place in FTA directly. A team of external high-professional collaborators provides other processes of finishing, like polishing, high precision machining and liquid and powder coating.

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The barrel-polishing is produced by means of 2 barrel-polishing machines. According to the clients' requests, it is possible to use ceramic abrasive agents. Loading and unloading of the aluminium castings are done either manually or automatically depending on the fragility of the castings. Such an attention is paid in order to avoid holes and bruises.
For those goods whose surfaces require painting, the barrel-polishing is usually followed by the sand-blasting.


The process of trimming is effectuated by means of 4 trimming presses between 20 and 40 tons. The trimming tools are produced by external factories of high experience and qualification.


The sand-blasting is performed by means of a sand-blaster 10 quintals. This makes it possible to clean the surface of the castings, eliminating the eventual irregularities which appear. The surface of the good is made porous so as to strengthen eventual paintings.


The processes of deburring, grinding, polishing (either manual or with spheres) are accomplished by external collaborators. The relationship between FTA and the external factories is granted by a long-lasting cooperation. These factories work in an area which is very close to FTA, so as to accelerate efficiently FTA' s production.


As well as in the other processes, the task of coating (liquid or powder) is made in cooperation with a specialized factory working in an area close to FTA The possibility of choosing a wide range of colors enables FTA to accomplish the clients' requests.

High-Precise Mechanical Processing

High-precise mechanical processing pertains to external supplying firms utilizing modern machines which are equipped with the best technologies presently existing. Once again, the accuracy and seriousness of the supplying firms are tested by a strict cooperation through the years.